Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is my new grandson. Isen Ruizhi Duan Porter of my son Ben,
the father and his mother Dennise. Isn't he adorable? 9 lb.
and 21 inches.

Well, I have been reading. I downloaded 4 books to my Kindle.
Interesting that the only one I really like is the one I had
to pay for. The others were free. I was reading it for hours
but it got so exciting I had to take a break.

I just got the pattern and yarn for a fair Isle vest. I just
found the needles it requires, so just have to get up the nerve
to start knitting. It's just a tad scary. I got the kit from
Knit Picks. If I ever do start knitting, I will take pictures.

Lately I've been eating when not hungry. Need to get better
at doing that and stop buying junk.


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