Friday, July 13, 2012

13 July 12 Hello All, Yes, I've been reading. Many more books than I can say. I've been knitting also. My shawl is coming along, almost done the ruffle on one side and then will have to pick up stitches to make the ruffle on the other side. I want to finish it before we move. We almost sold our house, but then the guy who investigated the house gave us a 28 page report of things that needed fixing. The people decided not to buy it. So, we are back to selling house. Anyone interested? Someone coming to see it on Sunday afternoon. Here's hoping. Made pork roast for dinner. It turned out fairly good. I had put the timer thing into the roast. It rang after half an hour, so took it out and left it good for 1 1/2 hours. The onion and carrot put with the roast, dried up. Luckily cooked some peas to go with it. Hubby used A1 on it. It tasted fine without it though. Pictures maybe next time.

Friday, April 13, 2012

It's been a long time since I've blogged.
Sorry about that.

I have changed my diet. I gave up sugar and
Processed foods, like orange juice instead
of an orange.

It's called the Harcombe diet if you are
interested. I am losing weight while
enjoying having eggs and bacon for

The deal with whole foods is that
you can eat a fat meal or a carb. meal.

Like no potatoes with fat meals.
If I want a carb. meal, I can eat
a baked potato, with some light
veggies on it. No butter as that
is a fat.

Anyway, I am losing my weight finally.

We also have our house for sale.
Want a big 4 bed 4 bath house with
5.5 acres. We're also giving away things
or selling things, as we plan to go
to a smaller house down in St.George,


Tuesday, November 16, 2010

I finally uploaded some pictures. Sorry it's
taken so long.

These first couple are from a week or two ago.
The baby blanket is actually pink and white.
The red thing is the background for the heart
blanket. This is the second block.

OK, these pictures are today. The baby blanket is
finished, washed and dried, photographed, and put
in a box to mail to my grandbaby.

The heart block background is coming along,
needs to be 11 inches long I think.

This is the lace shawl, I've just started since the
baby blanket is done. I'm not positive I like the
lace stitches, but I will keep slugging along I think.

So, sorry for the long not posting. I will try to better.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

This is the first heart block of a heart block blanket I'm working on.
It's not the best knit I've done. The hearts look squished especially
the dark red one. It's the first intarsia I've done.

I know I haven't written on this blog in a long time, but I will try
to do better.

I've started the next heart block. It's a red background which I'm
working on now, with 3 icord hearts sewn on to the background. I'll
try to put a picture of that when done.

Thank goodness today was sunny. We've had so much rain, it was
nice to see the sun. Although I went to my knitting guild tonight
and the sun was setting and really annoying for the trip down.
Of course it was dark when I came home.

So, will try to post several times a week.

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

This is my new grandson. Isen Ruizhi Duan Porter of my son Ben,
the father and his mother Dennise. Isn't he adorable? 9 lb.
and 21 inches.

Well, I have been reading. I downloaded 4 books to my Kindle.
Interesting that the only one I really like is the one I had
to pay for. The others were free. I was reading it for hours
but it got so exciting I had to take a break.

I just got the pattern and yarn for a fair Isle vest. I just
found the needles it requires, so just have to get up the nerve
to start knitting. It's just a tad scary. I got the kit from
Knit Picks. If I ever do start knitting, I will take pictures.

Lately I've been eating when not hungry. Need to get better
at doing that and stop buying junk.


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Not much going on today. I did start reading
the Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin today.
Not too exciting yet. He's talking genealogy
at the moment.

I ordered a Beginner's Vegetable Garden today.
It will have 9, 3 inch pots of veggies and then
a lettuce 8-pack. It will come at the right
time for planting here in the Poconos.

Getting a bit better at eating when hungry.
Another week or two, I might just have it


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I did my grocery shopping today. Got it all
done in one store today. Sometimes need to
shop at 2 as one is out of something. When
I was at the store produce section, there were
no bananas. Weird. None. So did the rest of
my shopping, and then went back to see and
yes they had restocked the bananas. They must
get a new shipment on Tuesday's, so they clean
out the old ones before restocking.

I'm not doing too well, with the eating only
when hungry. Been sitting here at the computer
eating junk. Shouldn't buy junk I suppose.

I downloaded a book from the library, it's an
old Nevada Barr book that I've read long ago,
so it's nice to have it read for me on an
audio from the library.