Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Here I am at a new blog. I got tired of just talking about knitting, so this
one opens up more things.

I am reading Geneen Roth's books. I've had them for a long time. She writes
about Eating When Hungry and Stopping when comfortable. You stop dieting,
I lost 68 pounds with Weight Watchers but can't seem to lose more with it.
So, I am trying to feel hunger. I've hardly ever stopped eating long enough
to feel hungry. I did notice Sunday after church, my stomach was growling
and I was hungry. Then, you have to figure out what your body wants. Some
of the things you need to ask are: Sweet, Sour, Salty, spicy bland, smooth,
crunchy, creamy, noisy, hot and substantial or hot and liquidy, fruits, crackers,
nuts, cold - drink or eat? A little crazy to ask all those questions all the
time. I guess sometimes when your hungry, you know what you want. Evidently
Geneen says you may gain at first, eating all those things you never let yourself
eat. But keep eating when hungry and you will lose. So, here we are, I am trying
this and will let you know how it goes. So far today, I haven't waited for hungry.

I did my shopping today, and bought a couple of those things that I haven't let
myself eat. So, I had a 4 cheese french bread pizza. It was OK, but would have
tasted better maybe if I had been hungry.

I'm not knitting at the moment.

I am reading, both Geneen Roth's books. The one I'm reading now is 'Breaking Free
From Compulsive Eating'. I am also reading occasionally from my Kindle, a
book by Sue Grafton, 'U is for Undertow'. I've read all her books over
the years mostly in Book Form, as I just got the Kindle last March.


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