Thursday, January 21, 2010

Well, I am trying to eat when hungry. It is not
as easy as it seems. When you've been eating
whenever you wanted, you never think about
being hungry. I didn't eat dinner last night
until around 7 PM or so. Fed hubby when he
came home from work, but I wasn't hungry then.

I didn't even think about whether I was
hungry or not this morning. I just ate
breakfast when I got up. Odd.

I'm taking an online class called,
Jumpstart on Health. They want me
to start exercising slowly. So I
walked outside around the house,
as the driveway goes all the way
around the house. Walking down
on the roads is dangerous. I did
only 2 minutes which is twice

The class also wants me to keep
a food diary. I all ready write
down my food for Weight Watchers,
and don't want to keep 2 food logs.
But the class would like us to
keep track of Mood and Who we eat
with, and a few other things.
Any ideas?

I finished reading U is for Undertow,
which was good. Now I'm reading
Hide in Plain Site. So far, a
woman is driving from the city
to Amish country as her sister
was hit on a dark country road
and was in the hospital, when
she had an accident to avoid
a buggy with kids in it. A
man with a truck, got her out
of her car after it struck
a ditch. He took her to the
hospital. Interesting so far.


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